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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I have shifted to Blogger because, well, it’s better that WordPress (according to me).


Negativity. Oops, I mean, Positivity.

Great! The power just went out. Just as I began writing the first post of my New Blog. Why me?

Well, a typical Indian reaction would be, “Oh! Holy Crap! This is inauspicious!”

So what? I mean, it’s happened. Can I do anything about it? No. Then why the firetruck should I even care? Many a times, it has so happened, that I step out of my house and I sneeze. Another ‘inauspicious’ thing that shouldn’t have happened. But hey! I’m still alive!

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to be superstitious.  I can’t, cause I’m superstitious too.  I’d be hypocritical if do that. Here a little anecdote I’m reminded of. Once a mother took her son to Mahatma Gandhi. At that time, he was a popular leader. People considered him to be almost a Human version of the Almighty. The lady’s problem was that her little son was addicted to eating sugar. (Normal sugar – the one you put in tea/coffee). She asked Gandhi to tell her son not to do so; as he would only listen to his idol. Gandhi told the mother to return the next day. She did so. The following day, she came to him again. He said the same thing. This went on for a week. Finally, the lady lost her patience. She asked Gandhi why he was doing so. He replied : “I have a habit of eating sugar as well. How can I tell your son not to have too much sugar, If i can’t do that myself?”
Now, dear reader, I’m not a Gandhian. At all. Trust me. But this is an important lesson (ugly word) we learn. Practice what you preach. In simple words, do what you say you ‘would’. Honesty is the best policy. Everyone knows that. But what’s important is to be honest to yourself. To have a clear conscience. To believe in what you do, to trust yourself. If you think you did something that someone else consider’s wrong, you should definitely think about it with an open mind. Maybe even take some advice.  But when you come to a conclusion, make sure that before anyone else, you, yourself, are okay with it. That you 100% certify your actions. After all, it’s your world. If you didn’t exist, the world won’t – at least not for you. So do whatever you think is right, as long as you feel that it is genuinely and completely right.

But anyway, that’s not what this post was about. Jeez! I can really get distracted!

So you must have heard about the glass being half empty. And then this super cheesy person who comes and says, “No! It’s half full!”
Well, you should try to be that guy. No matter how cheesy he may sound, the fact of the matter would probably be that that guy leads a happier life, has more genuine friends, may even be a little richer financially, and basically has most of the ups of life. The other dude might be a super rich guy (or gal, for that matter…) who got grey hair because of worrying about his future and how he’d go on with the current lifestyle he has if the world hit another recession. Of course, his current lifestyle would basically involve him worrying most of the time. And cribbing the rest of the time about what he doesn’t have, how the past wasn’t fair to him, how mean those backstabbing friends are, how unfair it is for them to live happily, how unfair it is for others to live unhappily while he can’t because the a major part of their happiness is because of something stolen from him; how impolite the neighbors are… the list is endless.  I’d much rather be the happy dude. I want a happy life. The sad guy won’t have a life anyway, because he’ll probably end up having a mental disorder or be in the hospital most of the time because of various stress-related diseases.

I wonder if you’re getting what I’m trying to convey. If yes, then you’re probably wondering if I’m so super happy all the time. Well, I’m not. Especially when it comes to the list of thing that I want and I don’t have. Which includes the new iPad 2 that’s just been released here in India. Have you tried it? It’s so cool! Coming back to the topic, I’m not happy all the time. There are times when one feels that the drudgery is endless. That life is hopeless. But changing your outlook towards life is crucial. Because if you’ve really tried being positive, you can say that you honestly did try. That’s the biggest satisfaction you’ll ever get!

I might be playing with the definition of being satisfied, but that’s how it works for me. Call it multi-tasking. I can be satisfied with what I have, be grateful about having it, but yet ask for other things as well.  I have a laptop that works perfectly well. But there’s software that won’t install on it. I want that software. So I’ll obviously need the new laptop. Well, it’s just important to be real. A friend of mine would find it weird that I buy a new gadget of some sort every month. I don’t. Similarly, another friend of  mine buys the new Apple iPod as soon as it hits the shelf. If you ask me, it’s weird. But not for her. So just remember that you have your own personal lifestyle. Don’t try to have someone else’s, it won’t suit you. It’ll be like having an XXL size trouser when your size is not even XL, something around M maybe. I’m sure you don’t want your pants to fall off while you’re trying to impress your boss or teacher. Conclusion : As much as possible, and depending on your lifestyle, be satisfied with what you have. But aspiring is also important, or everyone would become poor and there won’t be faster, bigger and better things anymore. Work towards that Ferrari. Just don’t become unrealistic. You WILL get it, but only if you work towards it – patiently.  And of course, without using any unfair means. Because, as I said, that way, you definitely will have the satisfaction of getting what you wanted, but you’ll never have a clear conscience. And without that, you can never stay happy.  Or should I say, you’ll never have the satisfaction of being happy.

So, be positive. Have a positive outlook.  Forgive and Forget – not for the other person, but for yourself, because you’ll be having less emotional baggage. And if someone’s hurt you purposely, then all the more reason,  forgive that person. Don’t give them the satisfaction of watching you getting affected negatively. Yes, it can be really hard to do that. But all I’m asking you to do (not that it’ll make a difference, because I’m a random person; but still…) , is to try your best. So that in the worst-case-scenario, you’ll at least have the satisfaction of saying “I tried!”

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